8 November, 2021

Day of the Imprisoned Writer — November 15, 2021

TMR On November 15th, every year now for the last 40 years, PEN International has observed the Day of the Imprisoned Writer. With the harassment, detention, conviction and imprisonment of… Continue reading Day of the Imprisoned Writer — November 15, 2021

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14 July, 2021

Gaza, You and Me

A Palestinian student in Gaza and a Palestinian doing post-doctoral work in the States compare their experience of the May 2021 Israel-Hamas conflict.

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3 July, 2021

World Picks: July 2021

Travel the world, meet people, see great places, without ever leaving the comfort of your screen…well, in some cases you can go in person!

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17 April, 2021

Marseille is the gateway to North Africa

< Poster courtesy of Mucem. “Marseilles has always had close ties with the rest of the Mediterranean basin, in particular the northern shore of Africa, a privileged position that has… Continue reading Marseille is the gateway to North Africa

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27 November, 2020

Breathing in a Plague

Kurdish poet-scholar-translator Selîm Temo thinks of the young Thomas Bernhard and his infant son as he fights for life in intensive care.

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15 November, 2020

Systemic Racism in Tunisia Hasn’t Gone Away

Arab/Muslim countries of the Middle East and North Africa have largely failed to fight racism and discrimination against black people. To go deeper into the DNA of Arab/Muslim racism, TMR asked Khawla Ksiksi to give an in-depth overview of the situation in Tunisia.

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