The Markaz Review, like the incomparable Alhambra in Granada, welcomes all readers and visitors.

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Are you good with words and know your way around copyediting? Or perhaps you’re bilingual in French, Spanish or Arabic? Help TMR as a volunteer copyeditor to insure the pristine quality of our reviews, articles and other written content. Please email the editor-at-themarkaz.org with your CV and cover letter.



A great deal goes into planning a theme issue of our magazine, as well as working with our friends and partners. If you’ve got a clear head for organizing, we definitely need your help! Go ahead and email us at info-at-themarkaz.0rg with your CV and covering letter.



Where would we be today without social media? (Back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, but let’s not go there right now). If you know your way around Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and have your own ideas about how to grow our audience, we would be fortunate to have you on board. Would you very quickly send over your CV and a cover letter? Info-at-themarkaz.org.