12 April, 2024

Equating Critique of Israel with Antisemitism, US Academics are Being Silenced

Equating the critique of Zionism to antisemitism, US academics are being silenced, writes Maura Finklestein.

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12 April, 2024

Censorship over Gaza and Palestine Roils the Arts Community

An Arab playwright in London reacts to the canceling of Palestinian voices six months into a horrific war.

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12 April, 2024

World Picks from the Editors: Apr 12— Apr 26

TMR editors highlight the best events, books, films, podcasts and other cultural products from around the globe.

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25 March, 2024

Fady Joudah’s […] Dares Us to Listen to Palestinian Words—and Silences

Eman Quotah on Fady Joudah's latest, in which the poet takes on the inadequacy of language in conveying the pain and hope of Palestinians today.

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Past Disquiet at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris

Curators Rasha Salti and Kristine Khouri have assembled a formidable exhibition on museums and solidarity movements using art and protest.


Latest Essays & Fiction

Art • 1 April, 2024

Paris, Abstraction and the Art of Yvette Achkar

Arie Amaya-Akkermans delves into Yvette Achkar's compelling artwork depicting the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Fiction • 1 April, 2024

“Paris of the Middle East”—fiction by MK Harb

With tarot cards and a recipe for pickled turnips, Beirutis bid farewell to yet another friend leaving on a “talent passport” to somewhere else.

Essays • 1 April, 2024

Holding Back the Bobos: Portrait of Paris’ Belleville

In Paris, Belleville struggles to hang on to its immigrant roots while the world's cities gentrify and price out working-class populations.

Essays • 1 April, 2024,

Undoing Colonial Geographies from Paris with Ariella Aïsha Azoulay

With genocidal violence raging in Gaza and muzzling of pro-Palestinian voices throughout France, Ariella Azoulay's word is now inescapable.

Essays • 1 April, 2024,

Happy as an Arab in Paris

Wanis El Kabbaj fondly reminisces about his father's elation while in Paris and the profound significance the city held for him.

Essays • 31 March, 2024,

The Arab Writer in Paris; Paris in the Arab Writer

Coline Houssais explores the rich tapestry of Arab literature intertwined with the poetic allure of Paris.