8 November, 2021

Day of the Imprisoned Writer — November 15, 2021

TMR On Novem­ber 15th, every year now for the last 40 years, PEN Inter­na­tion­al has observed the Day of the Impris­oned Writer. With the harass­ment, deten­tion, con­vic­tion and impris­on­ment of… Continue reading Day of the Imprisoned Writer — November 15, 2021

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14 July, 2021

Gaza, You and Me

A Palestinian student in Gaza and a Palestinian doing post-doctoral work in the States compare their experience of the May 2021 Israel-Hamas conflict.

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3 July, 2021

World Picks: July 2021

Travel the world, meet people, see great places, without ever leaving the comfort of your screen…well, in some cases you can go in person!

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17 April, 2021

Marseille is the gateway to North Africa

Poster cour­tesy of Mucem. “Mar­seilles has always had close ties with the rest of the Mediter­ranean basin, in par­tic­u­lar the north­ern shore of Africa, a priv­i­leged posi­tion that has been… Continue reading Marseille is the gateway to North Africa

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27 November, 2020

Breathing in a Plague

Kurdish poet-scholar-translator Selîm Temo thinks of the young Thomas Bernhard and his infant son as he fights for life in intensive care.

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15 November, 2020

Systemic Racism in Tunisia Hasn’t Gone Away

Arab/Muslim countries of the Middle East and North Africa have largely failed to fight racism and discrimination against black people. To go deeper into the DNA of Arab/Muslim racism, TMR asked Khawla Ksiksi to give an in-depth overview of the situation in Tunisia.

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