Watch Water Films & Donate to Water Organizations

16 January, 2021

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Is the cost of water real­ly high­er than the cost of petrol? Are we des­tined to run out of water if we don’t find a way forward?

When it comes to water ماء we can each do more. Watch these films to become informed, then get active with or make a dona­tion to one of the below organizations.

The Water Project  — Middle East

The Water Project — Mid­dle East

WANA Institute  — Jordan

WANA Insti­tute — Jordan  — Africa and Asia — Africa and Asia

The Water Nexus  Blog

The Water Nexus Blog

Action Against Hunger  — Syria

Action Against Hunger — Syria

Charity Water  — Central America, Africa, Asia

Char­i­ty Water — Cen­tral Amer­i­ca, Africa, Asia