The Sea Remembers

14 January, 2021


“The Sea Remem­bers I” by Riva Naya­ju (22″ x 30″, sin­gle-use plas­tic bags)


Riva Nayaju Artist Statement

Plas­tic was con­sid­ered the sav­ior of nature at some point in his­to­ry. Today, the overuse of sin­gle-use plas­tic is at the expense of mil­lions of aquat­ic lives. It is time that we make con­scious choic­es. Do we need that much plastic?

My work here is made com­plete­ly out of sin­gle-use plas­tic bags infused with heat. The hand-cut sil­hou­ette of liv­ing and dead aquat­ic ani­mals is the rep­re­sen­ta­tion of life in water start­ing to be affect­ed by plas­tic pol­lu­tion. Aware­ness of what water means to us and to the marine life is sig­nif­i­cant for pre­serv­ing the ecosys­tem as a whole.

As an artist from Nepal I am inspired by my coun­try’s nat­ur­al land­scapes, moun­tains and mon­u­ments, and like many Nepalese, I am a care­tak­er of our environment.

“The Sea Remem­bers II” by Riva Naya­ju (22″ x 30″, sin­gle-use plas­tic bags)

Riva Naya­ju is a Nepalese archi­tect, artist and graph­ic design­er. She holds a degree in B.Arch from Khwopa Engi­neer­ing col­lege, Nepal and is cur­rent­ly a Grad­u­ate Teach­ing Assis­tant at Okla­homa State Uni­ver­si­ty, pur­su­ing her MFA in Graph­ic Design. Her pro­ject­ed grad­u­a­tion is May 2021. See more of her work on Insta­gram.