Wel­come to Poet­ry Markaz, where we bring you not only poems but also the poets themselves.

When the found­ing edi­tor of The Markaz Review, Jor­dan Elgrably, asked me to join the magazine’s ded­i­cat­ed and tal­ent­ed team, I saw an oppor­tu­ni­ty to present poet­ry in a way that is often not seen in today’s elec­tron­ic lit­er­ary journals.

If poet­ry is food for the soul, then think of Poet­ry Markaz as a place to delect lit­er­ary appetizers.

Each month we present three books of poet­ry. The pre­sen­ta­tion pack­age con­sists of a short video of the poet (or edi­tor, if an anthol­o­gy, and trans­la­tor, if a trans­la­tion) along­side two poems from the col­lec­tion. That way, if you like what you have “tast­ed,” you can use the link to order the book and enjoy it in what­ev­er man­ner you con­sume poetry.

I hope you are moved by our offer­ings and share our inter­na­tion­al jour­nal with your friends and colleagues.

Sholeh Wolpé, Poet­ry Edi­tor of The Markaz Review