22 November, 2021

Surviving the Rittenhouse Verdict

C. Michael Johnson responds to news of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. TMR invites readers to respond to the major issues of our times, from climate change to criminal justice, human rights and liberation from all forms of oppression.

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18 July, 2016

“Honky” Raises the Spectre of Racism in Us All

Jordan Elgrably Amer­i­ca has nev­er been more heart­break­ing than when it is at war with itself, divid­ed down lines of col­or, of so-called “race”—the illu­sion that col­or or eth­nic­i­ty real­ly makes us dif­fer­ent, whethe r black, white, Arab, Jew, this, that, “us and them.” DNA tests prove beyond a doubt that we…

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