TMR Issue Nº 24 • BERLIN


TMR Issue 24 – 20 articles –  186 pages

This issue is devoted to Berlin from the viewpoint of its SWANA immigrants and refugees, in particular artists and writers, activists and educators from Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Algeria, Palestine and other countries south and west of the Mediterranean.





Why Berlin? – Jordan Elgrably

Translating Walter Benjamin on Berlin, a German-Arabic Journey – Ahmed Farouk

“What Are You Doing in Berlin?” – Ahmed Awny

“Another German”—a short story – Ahmed Awadalla

Kader Attia, Berlin Biennale’s Curator – Melissa Chemam

Two Women Artists Dialogue with Berlin and the Biennale – Viola Shafik

Ziad Kalthoum: Trajectory of a Syrian Filmmaker – Viola Shafik

My Berlin Triptych: On Museums and Restitution – Viola Shafik

The Intruders and the City – Rasha Abbas

Phoneless in Filthy Berlin – Maisan Hamdan

Berlin Gastronomical: A Feast of Flavors – Randa Aboubakr

Kairo Koshary, Berlin’s Egyptian Food Truck -Mohamed Radwan






Cem Kaya on the Sound of Turkey in Germany – Necati Sönmez

The Mystery of Tycoon Michel Baida in Old Arab Berlin – Irit Neidhardt

Unapologetic Palestinians, Reactionary Germans -Abir Kopty

On Ali Yass’s Die Flut (The Flood) – Ala Younis

Mohammad Shawky Hassan’s Ode to Queer Love in Berlin – Iskandar Abdalla

Photographer Mohamed Badarne (Palestine) and his U48 Project -Viola Shafik

Shirin Mohammad: Portrait of an Artist Between Berlin & Tehran – Noushin Afzali

Exile, Music, Hope & Nostalgia Among Berlin’s Arab Immigrants – Diana Abbani