TMR Issue 14 – 13 articles – 134 pages

We live in a world defined by prisons, both literal and metaphorical, where dissenters and criminals alike can be confined for decades, have their lives ruined, or reduced to nothing, to an hour of sunlight a day. A world in which we fight our own internal wardens and guards, whether living with Covid confinements, the solitude of the chronically ill and disabled, or the literal prison of poverty, one’s choices reduced to bitterness. As novelist Elias Khoury has articulated, much of the Arab world and its contemporary literature can be defined by the prison experience — by the depredations of the state, torture, and martyrdom. Likewise, in the west, particularly in the US, the prison-industrial complex plays an outsized role in the lives of millions who are incarcerated—and forever marks those who love them.



House Arrest – Claire Berlinski

The New Politics of Exclusion: Gaza as Prologue – Ivar Ekeland and Sara Roy

Prison Letters From a Free Spirit on Slow Death Row – Tiyo Attallah Salah-El

Guantánamo Voices: True Accounts From the World’s Most

Infamous Prison – Sarah Mirk

Faraj Bayrakdar, Once Syria’s Prisoner, is Freedom’s Poet – India Hixon Radfar

Memoirs of a Militant, My Years in the Khiam Women’s Prison – Nawal Qasim Baidoun

The Untold Story of Zakaria Zubeidi – Ramzy Baroud

The Passion of Evangelina | fiction – Anthoney Dimos

Interview With Prisoner X, Accused by the Bashar Al-Assad Regime of Terrorism – Jordan Elgrably

Poetry: Mohammed El-Kurd’s “Rifqa” Reviewed – India Hixon Radfar

Gitmo and Abu Ghraib, Infamous Symbols of US Human Rights Violations – Mischa Geracoulis

Khalida Jarrar—Fashioning Hope Out of Despair: How to Resist and Win inside Israeli Prisons – Ramzy Baroud




The Story of Jericho Sheikh Daoud and His Beloved Mansaf – Fadi Kattan