TMR Issue Nº 12 • COMIX


TMR Issue 12 – 11 articles – 135 pages

The bande dessiné or graphic novel is one of the most popular forms of creative expression in the Middle East and North Africa. Here guest editor Aomar Boum (Morocco) curates a superlative issue featuring artists and storytellers who convey a wealth of 21st-century narratives.



Why COMIX? An Emerging Medium of Writing the Middle East and North Africa – Aomar Boum, Guest Editor, TMR

Migration and Mentorship: the Case of Abdelaziz Mouride –  Aomar Boum

Rebellion Resurrected: The Will of Youth Against History – George “Jad” Khoury

Beginnings, the Life & Times of “Slim” aka Menouar Merabtene – Menouar Merabtene

Obdurate Moroccan Memories: Abdelkrim’s Afterlife in a Graphic Novel – Brahim El Guabli

Women Comic Artists, from Afghanistan to Morocco – Sherine Hamdy

Puigaudeau & Sénones: a Graphic Novel on Mauritania Circa 1933 – Paraska Tolan-Szkilnik

An Anthropologist Tells of 1970s Upheaval in “Turkish

Kaleidoscope” – Jenny White

Libya’s Exiled Satirist, Hasan “Alsatoor” Dhaimish – Sherif and Hanna Dhaimish

French Colonialism in Algeria and Ferrandez’s “Carnets d’Orient” – Amber Sackett

The Excellent Journey of Algerian Cartoonist Nadjib Berber – Nadjib Berber