TMR Issue 37 – 20 articles –  180 pages

This double issue spanning the end of 2023 and the start of 2024 delves into the duality of beginnings and endings, war and peace, life and death, barbarism and civilization. In every story, every human life there is transformation, a perpetual cycle of change. Endings are also destruction, which in turns leads to beginnings, creation…





Why Endings & Beginnings ? Jordan Elgrably

“The Summer They Heard Music” Short story by MK Harb

“Of Wood and Hallucination”fiction from Mansoura Ez-Eldin

“Twelve Angels” – fiction by Ahmed Salah Al-Mahdi

“Kabul’s Haikus”—fiction from Maryam Mahjoba

The Paranda Network—Afghan Women Writing – Lillie Razvi

“The Waiting Bones”—an essay by Maryam Haidari

Almost Every Day—from the novel by Mohammed Abdelnabi

Huda Fakhreddine’s A Brief Time Under a Different Sun





In the Beginning and the End is the Book – Sophie Kazan Makhlouf

“I, Hanan”—a Gazan tale of survival by Joumana Haddad

Why We Stay in Beirut, Despite Its Countless Crises – Jordan Elgrably

Days of Oranges—Libya’s Thawra – Yesmine Abida

Hanan Eshaq

“Junk”—a short story by May Haddad

Unshackling Language in Arabic Children’s Literature – Nada Sabet

A Jaha in the Metaverse—fiction by Fadi Zaghmout

Demolition and Recreation in Benghazi: Interview with Sarri Elfaitouri – Naima Morelli

“The Followers”—a short story – Youssef Manessa

The Day My Life Ended, It Began – Karim Shamsi-Basha