TMR Issue Nº40 • PARIS


TMR Issue 40 – 15 articles –  155 pages

Every now and then, in an effort to explore our diaspora communities, The Markaz Review looks at cities that are home to large populations of residents from the Middle East and North Africa, including thus far Berlin, Marseille and Los Angeles. TMR 40 • PARIS features a number of personal essays, reviews and short fiction, including excerpts from two new books, and an artist interview. While one can wax nostalgic about the many seductions of Paris, the tension that exists between French authorities and Arab and African communities is something that may never subside, as there are endless examples of individual and institutional racism, and yet Paris continues to welcome multitudes.



Why Paris? Jordan Elgrably

Past Disquiet at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris – Rasha Salti and Kristine Khouri

Bani Khoshnoudi: Featured Artist for PARIS

Nass El Ghiwane’s Moroccan Folk, Radical Politics, Forged in Paris – Benjamin Jones

Paris, Abstraction and the Art of Yvette Achkar – Arie Amaya-Akkermans

When Fatma Haddad Became “Baya”—a Paris Art Story – Naima Morelli

“Paris of the Middle East”—fiction by MK Harb

Holding Back the Bobos: Portrait of Paris’ Belleville – Cole Stangler

Undoing Colonial Geographies from Paris with Ariella Aïsha Azoulay – Sasha Moujaes

Happy as an Arab in Paris – Wanis El Kabbaj

Feurat Alani: Paris, Fallujah and Recovered Memory – Nada Ghosn

Our Favorite Arab/Middle Eastern Restaurants in Paris – TMR

They/Them: Identify Yourself Immediately – The Markaz Review – Sabah Haider

The Arab Writer in Paris; Paris in the Arab Writer – Coline Houssais

The Arab Paris Middle East Book List – TMR