TMR Issue 41 – 18 articles –  200 pages

What do we remember, what do we forget? Our brains are like palimpsests or computer memory: we continuously write over, erase, reconfigure and frequently forget what came before…The 17 essays, fiction and art in The Markaz Review’s issue on forgetting rely on props, prompts, and ancient materials to conjure forth forgotten memory, sometimes obscured or erased, other instances hidden in plain sight.




Why FORGETTING? Malu Halasa, Jordan Elgrably

Memory Archive: Between Remembering and Forgetting – Mai Al-Nakib

Featured Artist Hazem Harb: “Back to Zero” – Malu Halasa

Regarding the Photographs of Others—An Iraqi Journey Toward

Remembering – Nabil Salih

A Proustian Alexandria – Mohamed Gohar

My Brother, My Land: A Story from Palestine – Saleem Haddad

Asmae El Moudir’s The Mother of All Lies – Brittany Landorf

Sargon Boulus Revisited: Encomium to an Assyrian Poet – Youssef Rakha

The Elephant in the Box – Asmaa Elgamal

“Cotton Flower”—a short story by Areej Gamal – Areej Gamal

Voices Close to Oblivion and Near the Grave from Syrian Gulag – Jaber Baker and Uğur Ümit Üngör

Forgotten & Silenced Histories in Moroccan Other-Archives – Natalie Bernstien and Mustapha Outbakat

Bloodied Dispatches—Ahmed Isselmou on the Gaza Carnage – Ahmed Isselmou

Not Forgotten, Not (All) Erased: Palestine’s Sacred Shrines – Gabriel Polley

Palestinian Culture, Under Assault, Celebrated in New Cookbook – Mischa Geracoulis

Freedom—Ruminations of a Syrian Refugee – Reem Alghazzi

The Art of Letting Go: On the Path to Willful Abandonment – Nashwa Nasreldin

“The Forgotten”—a short story by Oğuz Atay – Oğuz Atay