TMR Issue Nº 13 • ORIGINS


TMR Issue 13 – 17 articles – 169 pages

The region we call the center of the world includes great diversity in terms of its ethnic and religious groups, each with their own identity, language and history. This issue features Black Iranians, Kurds, Armenians, the Amazigh, Coptic Egyptians, Rum and Somalians, among others.




Displaced: From Beirut to Los Angeles to Beirut – Ara Oshagan

Hasteem, We Are Here: The Collective for Black Iranians – Maryam Sophia Jahanbin

For Somalia’s Sagal Ali and Her Country’s Future, Art Triumphs Over War – Sophie Kazan

Ramblings of an American Bedouin Palestinian, Lost in Amman – Mohammed Jahama

Flagbearer of a Stateless Nation, from “Daughters of Smoke and Fire” – Ava Homa

Three Poems by Kashmiri American Bard Agha Shahid Ali – Agha Shahid Ali

My Amazigh Indigeneity (the Bifurcated Roots of a Native Moroccan) – Brahim El Guabli

Why Resistance Is Foundational to Kurdish Literature – Ava Homa

The Harrowing Life of Kurdish Freedom Activist Kobra Banehi – Kobra Banehi, Jordan Elgrably

The Complexity of Belonging: Reflections of a Female Copt – Nevine Abraham

The Limits of Empathy in Rabih Alameddine’s Refugee Saga – Dima Alzayat

“Tattoos,” an excerpt from Karima Ahdad’s Amazigh-Moroccan novel “Cactus Girls” – Karima Ahdad

Attack the Empire and the Empire Strikes Back: What 20 Years of American Imperialism Has Wrought – Omar El Akkad






Shelf Life: The Irreverent Nadia Wassef – Sherine Elbanhawy

The Location of the Soul According to Benyamin Alhadeff – Nektaria Anastasiadou

Voyage of Lost Keys, an Armenian art installation – Aimée Papazian

20 Years Ago This Month, 9/11 at Souk Ukaz – Hadani Ditmars