TMR Issue Nº 9 • WALLS


TMR Issue 9 – 16 articles – 248 pages

National populism promotes xenophobia, blaming outsiders and immigrants for our woes. One emotional quick fix is to shun foreigners, building walls to protect homeland security and keep out those who would denigrate the country’s social fabric. Walls are also thrown up between women and men, like the glass ceilings that prevent more people of color and women from getting ahead professionally. The stories in our WALLS issue help us think more clearly about the walls that exist, the walls that need to come down, and the walls inside ourselves.




Why WALLS? – The Markaz Review – TMR

The Murals of “Education is Not a Crime” – Saleem Vaillancourt

Walls, Graffiti and Youth Culture in Egypt, Libya & Tunisia – Claudia Wiens

The Wall We Can’t Tell You About – Jean Lamore

The Murals of Yemen’s Haifa Subay – Farah Abdessamad

The Bathing Partition – The Markaz Review – Sheana Ochoa

Is Tel Aviv’s Neve Tzedek, Too, Occupied Territory? – Taylor Miller

Between Thorns and Thistles in Bil’in – Francisco Letelier

We Are All at the Border Now – Todd Miller

The World Grows Blackthorn Walls – Sholeh Wolpé

A Home Across the Azure Sea – Aida Y. Haddad

Maqloubeh Behind the Wall in Bethlehem – Fadi Kattan






Reviving Hammam Al Jadeed – The Markaz Review – Tom Young

From Damascus to Birmingham, a Selected Glossary – Frances Zaid

The Labyrinth of Memory – Ziad Suidan

Panopticon of Kashmir – Ifat Gazia