TMR Issue Nº 16 • LAUGHTER


TMR Issue 16 – 7 articles – 57 pages

An issue devoted to laughter and levity — to satire, irony, humor and the ludicrous; to exploring, representing and offering perspectives on humor’s uses and forms, from historical to contemporary cultures. After a couple of rough Covid years, not to mention climate and human disasters everywhere, we can all truly use some fun and comic relief.



Turkish Delights – Omar Foda

My Lebanese Landlord, Lebanese Bankdits, and German Racism – Tariq Mehmood

An Arab and a Jew Walk into a Bar… – Hadani Ditmars

The Fabulous Omid Djalili on Good Times and the World – Jordan Elgrably

Three Levantine Tales – Nouha Homad

Lebanon at the Point of Drowning in Its Own… – Raja Abu Kasm, Rahil Mohsin

How to Hide in Lebanon as a Western Foreigner – Nadiyah Abdullatif, Anam Zafar