TMR Issue Nº39 • BIAD


TMR Issue 39 – 16 articles –  151 pages

The west’s pose of championing freedom, democracy and equal human rights for all has been just that: a pose. But despite the brutal (and failed) wars of the last decades, most of them on the Middle East, nothing has put the final nails in the coffin of the western “rules-based” order, or shown up the fraudulence of western values like the depraved attack on Gaza. As a result, many in the Global South and in the west are feeling more alienated, separate and despondent than ever before. But there is also the kind of righteous anger that kindles into creative force… If we cannot go back to the existing order, then the only thing to do is to BURN IT ALL DOWN and start over.





Why “Burn It all Down”? – Lina Mounzer

Al-Thakla—Arabic as the Original Mourner -Abdelrahman ElGendy

“Death Lover” and “Death of Humanity”Reza Abedini 

“The Minisecures”—excerpt from The History of the Gods of Egypt – Mohammad Rabie

The Time of Monsters – Layla AlAmmar

The Fires of Shame; the Burn of Desire – Joumana Haddad

Four Books to Revolutionize Your Thinking – Rana Asfour

The Myth of the West: A Discontinuous History– Arie Amaya-Akkermans

“The Map of a Genocide Victim”—fiction from Faris Lounis

Do or Despair: Political Action in My Great Arab Melancholy – Katie Logan

Artists Exploring Libya’s History, Cultural Resilience and Rebirth – Naima Morelli

The Legacy of the CIA, from Graveyard Empire – Emran Feroz

Israel’s Environmental and Economic Warfare on Lebanon – Michelle Eid

Genocide: “That bell can’t be unrung. That thought can’t be unthunk.” – Amal Ghandour

Steel Birds—a photo essay by Noor Nabulsi – Noor Nabulsi

The Story of the Keffiyeh – Rajrupa Das