TMR Issue Nº38 • LSD


TMR Issue 38 – 14 articles –  147 pages

Love, sex, desire are as powerful and mind-altering as any drug that ever existed. Scientists now acknowledge that love creates visible alterations in one’s brain chemistry, and that a person can, in fact, die of a broken heart. Of course, literature has always acknowledged the transcendent, transformative power of LSD. This issue explores connection and disconnection, pain and joy, tranquility and anguish, offering a glimpse into the rich tapestry of the human experience.





Shoot That Poison Arrow to My Heart: The LSD Editorial – Malu Halasa

LSD in the Arab World: Porn, Sade, and the Next-Door Flasher- Joumana Haddad

Intimacy & Our Inner Sanctuary—an Interview with Rana Samara Naima Morelli

“Water”—a short story by Salar Abdoh

“Drinking Tea at Lahore Chai Masters” – Farah Ahamed

“Double Apple” – MK Harb

The Body, Intimacy and Technology in the Middle East – Naima Morelli

Tears of the Patriarch – Dina Wahba

A Treatise on Love – Maryam Haidari

Hashem & Sara on Their Intimate Podcast, “Bath Ya Hashem”- Mohammad Rabie

Arthur Kayzakian’s Stolen Painting and The Nameless Father – Sean Casey

Love Across Borders—on Romance, Restrictions and Happy Endings – Lina Mounzer



Don’t Ask me to Reveal my Lover’s Name لا†تسألوني†ما†اسمهُ†حبیبي

-Mohammad Shawky Hassan

Four Poems by Alaa Hasanin from The Love That Doubles Loneliness – Alaa Hasanin