TMR Issue Nº 10 • WASTA


TMR Issue 10 – 10 articles – 103 pages

Wasta is who you know (or don’t) to get your foot in the door, and often to get anything done, but wasta is also about corruption and waste. From Palestinian wasta to stories set in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia and the diaspora, this issue kicks the can down the road, and packs a wallop.



In Tunisia, Wasta Kills When It Comes to Covid-19 – Emna Mizouni

The Diplomats’ Quarter: Wasta of the Palestinian Authority – Raja Shehadeh

Wasta on Steroids: Speculative Finance & the Housing Market – Mischa Geracoulis

Pakistani Bureaucrats & The Booze Permit – Tariq Mehmood

Wasta Tawla, or how the Wastafarians Fared at Fawda – Fadi Kattan

Lebanon’s Wasta Has Contributed to the Country’s Collapse – Samir El-Youssef

I Love Wasta, Hate Standing in Line in Egypt, But I Am Poor – Ahmed Naji

Vitamin W: The Power of Wasta Squared – C.S. Layla

Lebanese Oppose Corruption with a Game of Wasta – Victoria Schneider

Syria’s Ruling Elite— A Master Class in Wasta – Lawrence Joffe