TMR Issue Nº 20 • FOOD


TMR Issue 20 – 15 articles – 107 pages

We live at once in a time of great abundance and yet greater scarcity, with the war in Ukraine, for instance, holding up grain shipments to the Middle East and Asia (which is having a direct effect on Lebanese and Egyptian households, already strained to the limit). While millions are on the verge of starvation in Yemen and Afghanistan, people in the west continue to enjoy a world of plenty. Recognizing that we are living in challenging times, this issue includes stories about family gatherings, scarcity, fusion dishes, traditional recipes and food in Palestine.




Adafina Brings Alive Childhood Memories from Tangier – Yaëlle Azagury

Conversations on Food and Race with Andy Shallal -Jordan Elgrably

Abū Ḥamza’s Bread – Philip Grant

On the Streets of Santiago: a Culture of Wine and Empanadas – Francisco Letelier

Not Just Any Rice: Persian Kateh over Chelo – Maryam Mortaz

Medieval Egyptian and Modern Iraqi Recipes for Ramadan – Nawal Nasrallah

Torsheedeh: The Significance of Being a Sour Iranian Woman – Parisa Parnian

Green Almonds in Ramallah – Wafa Shami

Ma’moul: Toward a Philosophy of Food – Fadi Kattan

Recipe for a Good Life: a Poem – Fari Bradley

Food in Palestine: Five Videos From Nasser Atta – Nasser Atta

The Law and Politics of Food Sovereignty – Matthew C. Canfield



“Breaking Bread, Building Bridges”: a Film Review – Mischa Geracoulis

The Scandal of Ronit Baranga’s “All Things Sweet and Painful” – David Capps

Libyan, Palestinian and Syrian Family Dinners in London – Layla Maghribi