TMR Issue Nº42 • THEATRE


TMR Issue 42 – 14 articles –  185 pages

For this first issue on Arab and Middle Eastern/North African theatre and the work of playwrights in diaspora; Iraqi-British playwright Hassan Abdulrazzak introduces the issue and gives us a sense of what it was like to be a young drama adept. Included are plays of varying lengths, from Abdulrazzak, but also Yussef El Guindi, Mona Mansour, Lameece Issaq & Mudar Alhaggi, plus essays, reviews and art.




Why Theatre?—an Editorial – The Markaz Review TMR

Dare Not Speak—a One-Act Play – Hassan Abdulrazzak

As We Near the End (or What Adorno Said) – Yussef El Guindi

Theatre is the Thing: TMR’s Best-Books List – TMR

Wajdi Mouawad’s “Controversial” Wedding Day – Elie Chalala

What Kind Of Liar Am I?—a Short Play – Mona Mansour

The Return of Danton—a Play by Mudar Alhaggi & Collective Ma’louba – Mudar Alhaggi

Noor and Hadi Go to Hogwarts—a Short Play – Lameece Issaq

Omar Naim Exclusive: Two Films on Beirut & Theatre

A Bicentennial Remembrance of Lord Byron, Among Greeks & Turks – William Gourlay

Arab Shakespeare? – Georgina Van Welie

Palestine, Political Theatre & the Performance of Queer Solidarity in Jean Genet’s Prisoner of Love – Saleem Haddad

Laughing for Change—Activist Theatre Tours Egypt – Nada Sabet

Nothing is Normal, Nothing Is What it Seems (Underground Theatre in Iran After the Woman, Life, Freedom Movement) -Interview by Mehrnaz Daneshvar