TMR Issue Nº 32 • EARTH


TMR Issue 32 – 15 articles – 170 pages

Earth is our only home, but often we treat it like an orphan child, disregarding our relationship with nature and abusing the planet — ruthless consumers that we are. TMR presents the third environmental issue in our ongoing series, after WATER and FIRE.



EARTH: Our Only Home – The Markaz Review – TMR

Fiction: An Excerpt from Fadi Zaghmout’s Hope On Earth

An Island Without a Sea: Bahrain Odyssey – Ali Al-Jamri

From the City to the Desert—Tahmineh Monzavi

Turkey’s Earthquake as a Generational Disaster – Sanem Su Avci

Lithium Dreams, Crisis of the Anthropocene – Francisco Letelier

Arab Theatre Grapples With Climate Change, Borders, War & Love – Hassan Abdulrazak

Earth Strikes Back – The Markaz Review – Malu Halasa

The Majesty and Mystery of Nature: Ali Cherri’s Dam in Sudan – Karim Goury

Alien Entities in the Desert – Dror Shohet

Nasrin Abu Baker: The Markaz Review Featured Artist, June 2023 – TMR







Arthur Kayzakian, The Book of Redacted Paintings

Zara Houshmand, Moon and Sun

Olafur Eliasson’s Curious Desert Contrasts Qatar and Iceland – Safae Daoudi

Garden of Africa: Interview with Rachid Koraïchi – Rose Issa