TMR Issue Nº 28 • IRAQ


TMR Issue 28 – 11 articles – 99 pages

On the eve of the 20th anniversary of the Iraq War, we talked to Iraqi artists, writers, playwrights, sociologists and others to present a frank picture of the history of the war and its aftermath.





Dunya Mikhail Knows Her Poetry Will Not Save You – Dunya Mikhail

Tiba al-Ali: A Death Foretold on Social Media – Malu Halasa

Dispossessed by Climate—Iraqi Refugees in Their Own Country – Susan Schulman

Reading Iraq: Our Top 10 List of Iraqi Fiction – Rana Asfour

Fiction: Inaam Kachachi’s The Dispersal, or Tashari – Inaam Kachachi

“The Truck to Berlin”—Fiction from Hassan Blasim

Iraqi Diaspora Playwrights Hassan Abdulrazzak & Jasmine Naziha Jones: Use Your Anger as Fuel

Lahib Jaddo—An Iraqi Artist in the Diaspora – Mischa Geracoulis

Hardi Kurda: Archiving the Sounds of Northern Iraq – Melissa Chemam

Zahra Ali, Pioneer of Feminist Studies on Iraq – Nada Ghosn

The Watermelon Boys on Iraq, War, Colonization and Familial Love – Rachel Campbell