TMR Issue Nº 27 • FREEDOM


TMR Issue 27 – 14 articles – 154 pages

Poets and writers, citizens and journalists, even educators and filmmakers are sometimes censored, beaten, arrested, imprisoned, and even murdered. We also censor ourselves; we’re unable to face the truth or we’re afraid to offend because we have something to lose. But we all lose when our freedom is limited, when truth and justice are threatened. This issue is looks at freedom of expression, censorship, truth, government oppression, individual liberty, creativity, invention and reinvention.



Broken Glass, a short story – Sarah AlKahly-Mills

Moroccans Triumph at World Cup While Press Freedom Suffers – Samia Errazzouki

Beautiful Freedom For Sale, a short story – Nektaria Anastasiadou

Everyone has a Stake in Morocco’s Football Team – Brahim El Guabli, Aomar Boum

The Greek Panopticon, Where Politicians Spy on Democracy – Iason Athanasiadis

Don’t Be a Stooge for the Regime—Iranians Reject State-Controlled Media! – Malu Halasa

Siri Hustvedt & Ahdaf Souief Write Letters to Imprisoned Writer

Narges Mohammadi – TMR

The Swimmers and the Mardini Sisters: a True Liberation Tale – Rana Haddad

Sexploitation or Cinematic Art? The Case of Abdellatif Kechiche – Viola Shafik

Revolutionary Hit Parade: 12+1 Protest Songs from Iran – Malu Halasa




Gultrah Sound System: Tunisia’s Sound of Freedom – Melissa Chemam

Music for Tomorrow: Iranians Yearn for Freedom – Nazanin Malekan

Conflict and Freedom in Palestine, a Trip Down Memory Lane – Eman Quotah

Imprisoned Director Jafar Panahi’s No Bears – Clive Bell