TMR Issue Nº 26 • GAMES


TMR Issue 26 – 10 articles – 95 pages

Sports and games can teach universal values such as fairness, teambuilding, equality, discipline, inclusion, perseverance, respect, contributing to the development of skills needed for responsible citizenship. The SWANA region can lay claim to being the birthplace of the board game concept. But what type of citizenry should we expect when games are being constantly monetized and politicized, or else flagrant with misrepresentation and demonization? When fan control turns to population control? When violent games are being played on smart phones or consoles in air-conditioned video game cafes?



Viral Depression in Maha Haj’s Mediterranean Fever –Viola Shafik

“Eleazar”—a short story by Karim Kattan – Karim Kattan

The Chess Moves of Tarik Saleh’s Spy Thriller, Boy From Heaven – Karim Goury

Stadiums, Ghosts & Games—Football’s International Intrigue – Francisco Letelier

The Game of Self—How I Wrote The Buddha of Suburbia – Hanif Kureishi

An Interview with with Graphic Memoirist Malaka Gharib – Rushda Rafeek

Farewell to a Football Love Affair in Iran – Sara Mokhavat

The “Forgotten Team” of Qatar’s World Cup by Mohamed Badarne – Mohamed Badarne

Changing Colors — Reflections on The Last White Man – Jordan Elgrably

Morocco’s Ultras, the State and the Soccer War – Aomar Boum