Hassan Musa exhibition in Paris / “I Love You”

21 September, 2020

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Galerie Maïa Muller through 10.24.2020

19 RUE CHAPON 75003 PARIS – TEL 09 83 56 66 60 / 06 68 70 97 19

I love you, 3 femmes (d'après Gauguin), 2019 – Huile et textile sur bois – 70 x 150 cm

Has­san Musa is a Fran­co-Sudanese artist, born in in 1951 in the town of An Nahud, 600 kilo­me­ters south­west of the Sudanese cap­i­tal. After grad­u­at­ing with an arts degree in Khar­toum, he emi­grat­ed to France and in 1989 obtained a doc­tor­ate in Fine Art and Art His­to­ry at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Mont­pel­li­er. Since then he has exhib­it­ed in many group and solo shows, includ­ing Simon Njami’s “Africa Remix” that toured the world from 2004–2007 and includ­ed more than 80 artists show­ing in 25 coun­tries. Among Musa’s works was the below “Great Amer­i­can Nude 1” fea­tur­ing the très améri­cain icon of evil, Osama Bin Laden:


Musa’s cur­rent exhib­it in Paris is on until the 24th of Octo­ber, and you can see some of those paint­ings online here. Cura­tor Lau­rent Busine writes of the exhib­it “I Love You”:

“We know how much mem­o­ry is not just made of lay­ers built one on top of the oth­er but also includes gaps, chasms and caves, some­times dec­o­rat­ed with paint­ings, fig­ures and shapes that nev­er fail to sur­prise us and of whose ori­gin which we know lit­tle, or pre­tend to know lit­tle. In these faults are buried indis­creet dreams, hid­den secrets that are very present, how­ev­er, and very dis­turb­ing, cer­tain­ly. Their sud­den encounter in the works of Has­san Musa, on can­vas and in the cav­erns of mem­o­ries, give rise to dis­turb­ing rem­i­nis­cences, obscure con­cre­tions that revive thoughts buried in the twists and turns of the his­to­ry of art. Has­san Musa does not play with his­to­ry; it is a dan­ger­ous, murky game, full of things unsaid, mis­un­der­stand­ings, per­haps resent­ments, mis­in­ter­pre­ta­tions and trun­cat­ed visions on both sides.” —Lau­rent Busine, curator


Paint­ing 1 “I Laugh You with my Ford” assem­bled fab­rics, 258x244cm (2011); 2 “I Love You with My iPhone” assem­bled fab­rics, 290x255cm (2011); 3 “I Love You with My AK47” oil on assem­bled fab­rics on wood, 121x90cm (2019)