Hassan Musa exhibition in Paris / “I Love You”

21 September, 2020

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Galerie Maïa Muller through 10.24.2020

19 RUE CHAPON 75003 PARIS – TEL 09 83 56 66 60 / 06 68 70 97 19

I love you, 3 femmes (d'après Gauguin), 2019 – Huile et textile sur bois – 70 x 150 cm

Hassan Musa is a Franco-Sudanese artist, born in in 1951 in the town of An Nahud, 600 kilometers southwest of the Sudanese capital. After graduating with an arts degree in Khartoum, he emigrated to France and in 1989 obtained a doctorate in Fine Art and Art History at the University of Montpellier. Since then he has exhibited in many group and solo shows, including Simon Njami’s “Africa Remix” that toured the world from 2004-2007 and included more than 80 artists showing in 25 countries. Among Musa’s works was the below “Great American Nude 1” featuring the très américain icon of evil, Osama Bin Laden:


Musa’s current exhibit in Paris is on until the 24th of October, and you can see some of those paintings online here. Curator Laurent Busine writes of the exhibit “I Love You”:

“We know how much memory is not just made of layers built one on top of the other but also includes gaps, chasms and caves, sometimes decorated with paintings, figures and shapes that never fail to surprise us and of whose origin which we know little, or pretend to know little. In these faults are buried indiscreet dreams, hidden secrets that are very present, however, and very disturbing, certainly. Their sudden encounter in the works of Hassan Musa, on canvas and in the caverns of memories, give rise to disturbing reminiscences, obscure concretions that revive thoughts buried in the twists and turns of the history of art. Hassan Musa does not play with history; it is a dangerous, murky game, full of things unsaid, misunderstandings, perhaps resentments, misinterpretations and truncated visions on both sides.” —Laurent Busine, curator


Painting 1 “I Laugh You with my Ford” assembled fabrics, 258x244cm (2011); 2 “I Love You with My iPhone” assembled fabrics, 290x255cm (2011); 3 “I Love You with My AK47” oil on assembled fabrics on wood, 121x90cm (2019)

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