Bab L’Bluz Fuses Gnawa, Blues & Rock

22 September, 2020


The debut album by Moroc­can-French four-piece Bab L’Bluz is out now on all dig­i­tal plat­forms. The album’s title Nay­da! refers to a new youth move­ment of Moroc­can artists and musi­cians tak­ing their cues from local her­itage, singing words of free­dom in the Moroc­can-Ara­bic dialect of dar­i­ja (‘nay­da’ means both ‘to rise up’ and ‘to party’).

“More than any­thing we’re a rock band,” declares front­woman Yous­ra Man­sour, who sings, ulu­lates and fires riffs from her goatskin-cov­ered awicha [small guem­bri] like some Berber war­rior god­dess. “We use the awicha as a gui­tar and the guem­bri as a bass, both at dif­fer­ent tun­ings. We chan­nel our huge range of influ­ences into music that cross­es bor­ders and trav­els through time.”

We saw Bab L’Bluz per­form live in Mont­pel­li­er, France in Sep­tem­ber dur­ing the 15th annu­al Fes­ti­val Arabesques and they were amazing. 

(Stay tuned for an inter­view with Yous­ra Man­sour com­ing out soon in TMR.)