Emel Mathlouthi Returns with The Tunis Diaries

22 September, 2020

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The album cover for the new 2-album set The  Tunis Diaries  from Emel Mathlouthi (courtesy Partisan Records | Knitting Factory Records)


On the 24th of Octo­ber, via Lon­don’s Par­ti­san Records, Tunisian-born/New York-based exper­i­men­tal singer Emel Math­louhi releas­es The Tunis Diaries. Her new album, split into two parts, fea­tures a col­lec­tion of new­ly record­ed reworks from Emel’s cat­a­log (“Day”), and an eclec­tic selec­tion of cov­ers (“Night”). Equipped with only a lap­top, tape recorder, and a clas­si­cal gui­tar she crowd­sourced from a local fan via Face­book, Emel cre­at­ed The Tunis Diaries entire­ly in Tunis after she was unex­pect­ed­ly quar­an­tined in her child­hood home this Spring. The result­ing project is a back-to-basics explo­ration of Emel’s roots, as well as a spon­ta­neous and com­plex reflec­tion on her rela­tion­ship to her home­land. Two tracks from The Tunis Diaries are avail­able now – “Holm,” an orig­i­nal song which was first released along­side a self-shot music video (1.4M views and count­ing) this April, and a sui gener­is cov­er of David Bowie’s “The Man Who Sold The World.”