TMR Issue 35 – 15 articles – 127 pages

In the 20th century, public intellectuals were the international stars of literature and ideas — they were Albert Camus, James Baldwin, Susan Sontag, Roland Barthes, Frantz Fanon, Edward Said and too many others to name in the “west.” In the Arab world and Africa there was a time when we looked to writers like Mouloud Feraoun, Kateb  Yacine and Assia Djebar in Algeria and Ghassan Kanafani out of Palestine, as well as a parade of intelligensia from Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Morocco and beyond. But who do we turn to, today?



The Vanishing of the Public Intellectual – Moustafa Bayoumi

Edward Said: Writing in the Service of Life – Layla AlAmmar

Editors’ Picks: Public Intellectuals – TMR

The Contemporary Literary Scene in Iran – Salar Abdoh

In and Between Languages: Writing on the Fault Line – Nektaria Anastasiadou

“Silence is Golden”—a short story by Farah Ahamed

Reza Aslan’s An American Martyr in Persia Argues for US-Iranian Friendship – Dalia Sofer

It Is Time to Reclaim Public Intellectuals – Deborah Lindsey Williams

“Supplication”—a short story by Hisham Bustani

The Task of the Public Intellectual? Translation – Deborah Kapchan

Why Fawwaz Traboulsi? – The Markaz Review – Amal Ghandour

Fairouz: The Peacemaker and Champion of Palestine – Dima Issa

Alaa Abd El-Fattah: Political Prisoner and Public Intellectual – Yasmine El Rashidi

“Kaleidoscope: In Pursuit of the Real in a Virtual World”—fiction from Dina Abou Salem

Adel Abidin, Featured Artist, October 2023 – The Markaz Review – TMR