TMR Issue Nº 23 • MADNESS


TMR Issue 23 – 11 articles – 85 pages

It’s indisputable that we live in maddening times, as we traverse years of plague, war, migration and climate change — difficult years in which mental illness is on the rise. The world may be driving us crazy, but sharing our stories across cultures and borders is one way to hang on to our sanity.





Editorial: Is the World Driving Us Mad? – TMR

Big Laleh, Little Laleh—memoir by Shokouh Moghimi – Shokouh Moghimi

“The Devil’s Waiting List”—a story by Ahmed Salah Al-Mahdi -Ahmed Salah Al-Mahdi

Where to Now, Ya Asfoura? – Sarah AlKahly-Mills

Poetry as a Form of Madness—Review of a Friendship – Youssef Rakha

American Theocracy and Failed States – Ani Zonneveld

Tunisians On the Couch in “Arab Blues” – Mischa Geracoulis

Women and Literary Madness – The Markaz Review – Shahd Alshammari

War and Trauma in Yemen: Asim Abdulaziz’s “1941” – Farah Abdessamad

Lebanon in a Loop: A Retrospective of “Waves ’98” – Youssef Manessa

Between Illness and Exile in “Head Above Water” – Tugrul Mende