TMR Issue 18 – 14 articles – 128 pages

Acknowledging that the Middle East/Mashriq & North Africa/Maghreb are not “over there” but here, in European and American societies, present for centuries now, we present creative work about, from, taking place in or thinking about Los Angeles from afar.



Atia Shafee: Raw and Distant Memories – Atia Shafee

LA Sketches: Sneakers and the Man From Taroudant – TMR

LA Sketches: Fred Saidy, Humorist – TMR

LA Sketches: John Nazarian, Defender of the Underdog – TMR

Two Poems by Sophia Armen – Sophia Armen

L.A. Story: Poems from Laila Halaby – Laila Halaby

LA Sketches: Dimitris Mahlis, Oud Artist – TMR

Reza Abdoh: L.A.’s Theatre Visionary – Juliana Francis Kelly, Salar Abdoh

“Where Are You From?” Identity and the Spirit of Ethno-Futurism – Bavand Karim

The Alexandrian: Life and Death in L.A. – Noreen Moustafa

Farzad Kohan: Love, Migration, Identity – Farzad Kohan

Silver Stories from Artist Micaela Amateau Amato – Micaela Amateau Amato

Baba Karam Lessons: Artist Amitis Motevalli – Amitis Motevalli

L.A. Artist: Rachid Bouhamidi – Rachid Bouhamidi