TMR Issue Nº 33 • Stories from The Markaz


TMR Issue 33 – 26 articles – 342 pages

If pictures are worth a thousand words then short stories are worth a thousand-and-one. The Markaz Review’s double 2023 summer literary issue features short stories, memoir, plays, a graphic novel, and creative nonfiction, some of which appears in English for the first time, translated from Arabic or Persian, with wide-ranging themes, from from domestic abuse in Egypt to multiracial relationships in London and queer life in Beirut.



Stories From The Markaz, Stories From the Center – Malu Halasa

The Light at the End of the Tunnel – Mohamed Aboelgheit

“Here, Freedom”—fiction from Danial Haghighi – Danial Haghighi

Arrival in the Dark—fiction from Alireza Iranmehr – Alireza IranMehr

“The Cactus” – Mohammed Al Naas

“The Agency”—a story by Natasha Tynes – Natasha Tynes

We Saw Paris, Texas—a story by Ola Mustapha – Ola Mustapha

Rich and Poor People—fiction by Farah Ahamed – Farah Ahamed

My Mother is a Tree—essay by Aliyeh Ataei – Aliyeh Ataei

Being Without Belonging: A Jewish Wedding in Abu Dhabi – Deborah Kapchan

“The Afghan and the Persian”—a short story by Jordan Elgrably

The City Within—fiction from MK Harb – MK Harb

Zahhāk: An Etiology of Evil – Omid Arabian



Rebels of the Alpujarras: a House in Granada – Doreen Metzner

“The Burden of Inheritance”—fiction from Mai Al-Nakib – Mai Al-Nakib

“The Long Walk of the Martyr”—fiction from Salar Abdoh – Salar Abdoh

STAMP ME—a monologue – Yussef El Guindi

In Shahrazad’s Hammam—fiction by Ahmed Awadalla – Ahmed Awadalla

The Ship No One Wanted—a story by Hassan Abdulrazak – Hassan Abdulrazak

Inside the Giant Fish—excerpt from Rawand Issa’s graphic novel – Rawand Issa

Naar, Are You illuminated? – The Markaz Review – Bint Magdaliyya

“Nadira of Tlemcen”—fiction from Abdellah Taïa – Abdellah Taïa

Abortion Tale: On Our Ground – Ghadeer Ahmed

Hayat and the Rain—fiction from Mona Alshammari – Mona Alshammari

On Ice—fiction from Malu Halasa – Malu Halasa

Tears from a Glass Eye – Samira Azzam

Genesis and East Cairo – Shady Lewis Botros