TMR Issue Nº 29 • HOME


TMR Issue 29 – 15 articles – 192 pages

HOME is dedicated to explorations of the meaning of home (and the lack thereof) in new essays, fiction and multimedia. For those who have had to leave their city, their country, there is a sense of ”permanent temporariness,” where inevitable thoughts of returning to one’s birthplace or country are thwarted by political realities on the ground (war, climate disaster, economic collapse). Then there are those who have never left, and yet still feel uncertain about belonging, and yearn for rootedness in what is an elusive search for self.




“Raise Your Head High”—new fiction from Leila Aboulela

Broken Home: Britain in the Time of Migration – Malu Halasa

“Counter Strike”—a story by MK HARB

“Mother Remembered”—Fiction by Samir El-Youssef

For Those Who Dwell in Tents, Home is Temporal—Or Is It? – Arie Amaya-Akkermans

More Photographs Taken From The Pocket of a Dead Arab – Saeed Taji Farouky

The Odyssey That Forged a Stronger Athenian – Iason Athanasiadis

Coming of Age in a Revolution – Lushik Lotus Lee

Going Home—a photo essay by Jassem Ghazbanpour

Nabeul, Mon Amour – Yesmine Abida

The Man at the Heart of Lamhamid, Morocco – Aomar Boum

Finding Home, Finding Normal and The Myth of Normal – Sheana Ochoa



Home is a House in Oman – Priyanka Sacheti

To Receive Asylum, You First Have to be Believed, and Accepted – Mischa Geracoulis

Home Under Siege: a Palestine Photo Essay – Anam Raheem