TMR Issue Nº 19 • DESIRE


TMR Issue 19 – 14 articles – 85 pages

Some of us think of the Buddha and perhaps Herman Hesse’s classic novel Siddhartha, while others might recall the novels of Milan Kundera or perhaps Gabriel García Márquez. Some people say DESIRE makes them think of hunger, while others ponder food scarcity, or working creatively in the kitchen to produce a delicious meal. Desire may conjure the contrast between the poorest among us and others who live for extravagance. Desire for many is about passion, love, poetry. What do you think of when you think of desire?





The Angels of Desire – Youssef Rakha

Chewing Viagra Gum, the Audio Version! – Malu Halasa

Carlo in Belgrade (in which a father loves a son) – Hanif Kureishi

Desire and the Palestinian Kitchen – Fadi Kattan

Your Wish is My Command: A Concierge’s Story – Noreen Moustafa

“Gluttony” from Abbas Beydoun’s “Frankenstein’s Mirrors” – Abbas Baydoun

Three Poems of Love and Desire – Nouri Al-Jarrah

Hand-Written Love Letters and Words of the Great Arab Poets – Reem Mouasher

Fiction: “Skin Calluses” – Khalil Younes

No Sex Please, We’re Syrian: on Syrian Sexual Humor During War – Malu Halasa

Three Love Poems by Rumi – Translated by Haleh Liza Gafori

On “True Love Leaves No Traces” – Arie Amaya-Akkermans





The Art of Remembrance in “Abacus of Loss” – Sherine Elbanhawy

Fiction: “A Day in the Life of a Married Man” – Malika Moustadraf