TMR Issue Nº 11 • GAZA


TMR 11 • GAZA includes 21 articles, 283 pages

The Markaz Review published a special double issue devoted to Gaza when yet again, as with the current conflagration, in the summer of 2021, Israel pounded the Strip with bombs, attacking Hamas and wiping out civilians in the process. 

For our 11th monthly issue  TMR features the work of the artist Jaime Scholnick and her series Gaza: Mowing the Lawn.

15 artists, 22 writers

21 Articles – 283 pages



TMR Issue 11 – July 2021 – 283 pages (Part I – 151 pages / Part II – 132 pages)

When War is Just Another Name for Murder – Norman G. Finkelstein

Gazan Skies, from the novel “Out of It” – Selma Dabbagh

Gaza’s Shababek Gallery for Contemporary Art – Yara Chaalan

Malak Mattar — Artist and Survivor – Jordan Elgrably

The Gaza Mythologies – The Markaz Review – Ilan Pappe

“Sumud” — the Gazan Secret to Survival – Jordan Elgrably

The Semantics of Gaza, War and Truth – Mischa Geracoulis

No Exit – Allam Zedan

Gaza, You and Me – NG Mahfouz & Abdallah Salha

Poem: Bombs Do Not Discriminate – Abdallah Salha

Alive in Gaza – The Markaz Review – Ramzy Baroud



Four Poems from Mosab Abu Toha – Mosab Abu Toha

Sailing to Gaza to Break the Siege – Greta Berlin

In Retrospect: An American Educator in Gaza – Diane Shammas

Open Gaza: Architectures of Hope – Hadani Ditmars

Gaza’s Catch-22s – The Markaz Review – Khaled Diab

Making a Film in Gaza – Elana Golden

Gaza IS Palestine – Jenine Abboushi

A Response to “Gaza: Mowing the Lawn” 2014-15 – Tony Litwinko

“Gaza: Mowing the Lawn” by Artist Jaime Scholnick – Sagi Refael