What They’re Saying About TMR

ŚŪNYA series, 2016, artist Zena Elkhalil


“Too few venues pro­vide the kind of deep, well-round­ed, thor­ough­ly ground­ed cov­er­age of greater Mid­dle East­ern cul­ture that we can expect, day in and day out, from The Markaz Review. It is a gift to read­ers and an inspi­ra­tion to writ­ers and pub­lish­ers through­out the Eng­lish-speak­ing world.” 
Boris Dra­lyuk, Ed.-in-Chief, Los Ange­les Review of Books

“A vision­ary media project that reach­es the mis­in­formed Amer­i­can and Euro­pean pub­lic and builds grass-roots sup­port around Mid­dle East­ern themes.” 
Ter­ence Ward, author of Search­ing for Has­san and The Wah­habi Code.

The Markaz Review engages in what I like to call epis­temic dis­obe­di­ence, espe­cial­ly in under­stand­ing the Mid­dle East gen­er­al­ly, and Arab and Mus­lim cul­ture specif­i­cal­ly.  In so doing, TMR goes “where the silence is”—as Amy Good­man has put it. It not only pro­vides a still, much need­ed cor­rec­tive and human­iz­ing hand, but also expos­es the read­er to a pro­found world of ideas and issues that insist—as they long have—to be heard.” 
Sara Roy, Cen­ter for Mid­dle East­ern Stud­ies, Har­vard University

Com­ments in TMR on Beirut In Pieces by Jenine Abboushi

I was thor­ough­ly cap­ti­vat­ed by this con­tem­pla­tive, lyri­cal and tren­chant reflec­tion on our impos­si­ble Beirut. There is so much here to learn from, to teach and to debate. Thank you for this gen­er­ous and beau­ti­ful­ly writ­ten piece. —Elise Salem

This is a beau­ti­ful essay…I will teach it in my course on pho­tog­ra­phy and mem­o­ry as soon as I am able. What a plea­sure and deep instruc­tion. —Lau­ra Wexler

Such a gor­geous, trag­ic, hope­ful piece. —Lisa Haj­jar

Beau­ti­ful­ly writ­ten piece about an inde­scrib­able city we all love to love, hate and be frus­trat­ed with! Beirut through the years in the eyes of some­one who inti­mate­ly under­stands its nuances. 
Reem M

مقال رائع.. شعرت وكأني شاهد عيان —Lamia Fakhoury



“The team at the Markaz Review has pro­vid­ed more than just a plat­form on which to pub­lish my work but an encour­ag­ing and friend­ly envi­ron­ment that has helped me to flour­ish as a writer. Jor­dan has done what every great edi­tor should: not only offer feed­back but bring out poten­tial and ele­vate a piece of writ­ing to the best ver­sion it can be. TMR has been home to one of my dear­est per­son­al essays, and it con­tin­ues to pub­lish high-cal­iber work on the SWANA region and beyond, pro­vid­ing a much-need­ed spot­light on writ­ers with roots and a sin­cere inter­est in the region.” 
— Sarah Kahly-Mills

The Markaz Review has demon­strat­ed its unique val­ue propo­si­tion in crit­i­cal­ly engag­ing with plur­al nar­ra­tives from North Africa and West Asia, con­sis­tent­ly invest­ing and pro­mot­ing new, emerg­ing voic­es from the region and the Dias­po­ra. It’s a home for writ­ers and artists at large who can safe­ly explore exper­i­men­ta­tion and ben­e­fit from rig­or­ous and gen­er­ous edit­ing — a true gift.” 
Farah Abdessamad

The Markaz Review is a pub­li­ca­tion unlike any oth­er I have worked with. Rely­ing on a broad inter­na­tion­al com­mu­ni­ty of jour­nal­ists, thinkers and artists, TMR is able to gath­er voic­es and ideas that reflect aspects of Mid­dle East­ern and inter­na­tion­al cul­ture that are hard to hear or find in oth­er places. The jour­nal­ists and edi­tors work­ing with TMR under­stand how impor­tant it is to build cross-cul­tur­al and cross-bor­der under­stand­ing. As a free­lance writer, TMR gives me a forum of exchange and dis­cus­sion that is vital, in par­tic­u­lar dur­ing the COVID era. In a con­sis­tent and con­tin­u­ing rela­tion­ship, TMR pro­vides edi­to­r­i­al and moral sup­port that makes it pos­si­ble to bring out the best in my writing.” 
Fran­cis­co Letelier

“I can think of no oth­er review that is so open to pub­lish­ing uncon­ven­tion­al or hybrid essays (as long as the writ­ing is high-qual­i­ty, acces­si­ble). It’s a dream come true: I get to write organ­i­cal­ly, with my diverse iden­ti­ties and worlds in con­ver­sa­tion, and Jor­dan and our team wave me through enthu­si­as­ti­cal­ly. TMR writ­ers have a high mea­sure of aes­thet­ic and intel­lec­tu­al auton­o­my. In fact I have become a pro­fes­sion­al essay­ist and colum­nist thanks to The Markaz Reviewand I have start­ed to receive com­mis­sions to write for oth­er venues as well. 
—Jenine Abboushi