Podcast Who’s Who? with the Editors at The Markaz Review – EN


Radio Tabbouli is The Markaz Review’s podcast for discovering cultural news and meeting artists, writers, filmmakers, actors, academics, musicians and other personalities from the Middle East, North Africa and its diasporas.

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In this first English episode of Radio Tabbouli, the editors of The Markaz Review (TMR) – Jordan Elgrably, Rana Asfour, Lina Mounzer, Malu Halasa and Mohammad Rabie – discuss their own stories, how they became writers, and what brought them to TMR together in Montpellier.

About The Markaz Review editors:

Jordan Elgrably – Editor in Chief & Art Director (Los Angeles/Montpellier)

A Franco-American and Moroccan journalist, editor, and fiction writer whose captivating work has graced prominent platforms in the U.S. and Europe.

Rana Asfour – Managing Editor (Amman/London)

A versatile writer and book reviewer whose literary insights have graced the pages of esteemed publications like The Guardian UK and The National/UAE. Beyond her prowess with the written word, Rana brings a dynamic background, having contributed to the realms of radio and TV in Amman.

Lina Mounzer – Senior Editor (Beirut)

A Lebanese writer and translator, whose literary prowess shines through her contributions to renowned publications such as The New York Times, The Paris Review, Freeman’s, The Washington Post, and The Baffler.

Malu Halasa – Literary Editor (London)

A distinguished London-based writer and editor. In her latest role as an editor, she presents “Woman Life Freedom: Voices and Art From the Women’s Protests in Iran” (Saqi 2023), adding another remarkable entry to her extensive body of work.

Mohammad Rabie – Arabic Editor (Cairo/Berlin)

Berlin-based writer and editor whose literary contributions extend to four novels in Arabic: “Kawkab Anbar,” “Year of the Dragon,” “Otared,” and “History of the Gods of Egypt.” The English translation of “Otared” by Robin Moger earned a nomination for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction in 2016.