Food in Palestine: Five Videos From Nasser Atta

15 April, 2022


Nasser Atta

Best bread baked in Jerusalem/Al-Quds:

Mak­ing fresh-squeezed pome­gran­ate juice:

Vis­it­ing the spice mar­ket in Jerusalem/Al-Quds:

Gaza…Eating sautéed toma­to with olive oil, green bell paper, gar­lic, salt, black peop­er — the most pop­u­lar dish in Gaza today as sanc­tions leave peo­ple with­out mon­ey and jobs. 

Nablus…The mar­ket and the Al Saqayya Foun­tain, built in 1526, the old­est in Nablus: “We made from water every­thing alive.”


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