14 May 2021 • Ziad Suidan

The Labyrinth of Memory

Critic Ziad Suidan meditates on the meaning of the labyrinth and the walls that can separate us but also remind us of our shared history inside the hammam.

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14 May 2021 • Ifat Gazia

Panopticon of Kashmir

Ifat Gazia remembers her native Kashmir and wonders why her family, like countless others, was uprooted, displaced and forced to live like homeless people in their own land.

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17 Apr 2021 • gethan&myles

Fever Dreams / Gold Fever

The artist & writer couple known as gethan&myles bought 10,000 euros worth of "lost" or pawned gold jewelry and then sought the gold's owners…

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17 Apr 2021 • TMR

Marseille is the gateway to North Africa

Poster cour­tesy of Mucem. “Mar­seilles has always had close ties with the rest of the Mediter­ranean basin, in par­tic­u­lar the north­ern shore of Africa, a priv­i­leged posi­tion that has been… Continue reading Marseille is the gateway to North Africa

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17 Apr 2021 • Jenine Abboushi

Walk Down La Canebière

Jenine Abboushi takes a stroll down Marseille's iconic avenue La Canebière toward the Vieux Port to discover multitudes—even during the pandemic.

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17 Apr 2021 • Catherine Vincent

Lost in Marseille

The avant-garde musical duo of Catherine Estrade and Vincent Commaret connect Walter Benjamin with Damascus, Berlin and Marseille.

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