Hand-Written Love Letters and Words of the Great Arab Poets

15 March, 2022
Reem Mouash­er, “Love Let­ters: Al-Mutan­ab­bi Liainai­ki,” 28x40cm Acrylic on Paper 2022


Reem Mouasher


Art wash­es away from the soul the dust of every­day life. —Pablo Picasso


Love, desire, pas­sion, poet­ry, graf­fi­ti! This series of paint­ings was inspired by the era of hand-writ­ten love let­ters and bor­rows the words of the great Arab poets; Gibran, Qab­bani, Al-Mutan­ab­bi and Mah­moud Dar­wish com­bined with the ges­tur­al visu­als of street art. In con­tem­plat­ing mes­sages of love, pas­sion, desire today, I real­ize that we’re more like­ly to use an emo­ji than a poem,  a spray can than a foun­tain pen. Yet the ten­der­ness of a mes­sage of love is just as desir­able on a wall, in an inbox, in a scent­ed enve­lope or in my case on a canvas.



Art is not what you see but what you make oth­ers see. —Edgar Degas


I see the world as a place of won­der and dis­cov­ery and  inten­tion­al­ly strive to keep that child­like delight so that the col­or and expe­ri­ence of a place are pre­served in my mind. When I paint, dreamy ver­sions of places appear, not quite as they are but as ele­vat­ed mem­o­ries I have of them where their essence is mixed up with a big dose of hazy nos­tal­gia. Dur­ing the Covid-19 lock­downs, paint­ing became my escape from stress. I need­ed to avoid all the places I longed to go because of the imposed con­fine­ment so I paint­ed them instead;  favorite places from mem­o­ries of child­hood, trav­els, pic­nics, walks, hikes even books. I work most­ly in acrylics on can­vas some­times adding pas­tels on top.



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